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Uniquely Designed & World-Class

Many researches have proved that good infrastructure play a positive impact on learning.

hps_infrastructureHPS has the state-of-the-art, radiating & vibrant campus filled with the joyful echoes of children. It has world-class infrastructure with all necessary amenities for the child to learn comprehensively.With a right mix of practicality, technology and creativity, we, at HPS, believe in promoting effective learning & teaching in an environmentally sustainable atmosphere. With incredible classroom themes, we give children an experience of what they learn, making them engaged with the surroundings thus making the class-room experience exceptionally different.

The outdoor infrastructure is also designed beautifully with all world-class facilities. The play area of the kids is fully furnished with all the modern-day games for kids and is at the same time maintained with utmost care. Every care is taken to keep the surroundings hygienic, safe & secure.The chairs, walls, and all the surroundings are painted with special themes, making children learn from them and get engrossed with the elements too. Safe drinking water, washrooms etc are too are specially designed for the kids to their comfort.

  • Theme Classrooms
  • World-class infrastructure with contemporary designs
  • Vast play area
  • Hygienic and secured premises
  • Safe drinking water
  • Cultural Activities

Parent Speak

They are always looking for more innovative and creative ideas to make Hyderabad Public School truly special place for children. HPS provides an enriching environment filled with warmth and love for the children to explore, experiment, play and self- discover. Read More


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