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Franchising Fantastic Success Stories

HPS has launched it’s Pre-Schools in various areas in the city and is yet to open more schools. The idea is to spawn a huge chain of success stories in the form of official HPS franchisees. The benefits attached to being an official HPS franchisee are many. In this age of intense competition where even big corporate players are competing to get on to the academic bandwagon, differentiation plays the key role. In fact, it can be a critical success factor. The very concept on which HPS’s functionality is based comes across as a whiff of fresh air in the highly congested academic scenario. Apart from the fact that HPS offers a radically different methodology of child education, what tilts the scales in its favor is the economic business model. Small investment in terms of capital, space, manpower and other vital logistics guarantees safe and sound returns in the least possible time. Couple all this with the hand-holding policies of HPS and what you have on hands is an outright winner!


With Asia-pacific’s Preschool market hitting the gross of 985 Million USD (4,004 crore INR), today, the Preschool industry is one of those fastest growing markets in India. Nevertheless, when compared to the total industry potential of 15,000 preschools, it just comprises 4% of it. This shows the great potential for growth in preschool industry. This factor is attracting many enthusiastic entrepreneurs to enter into preschool industry. With standardized academic program, infrastructure and obviously a brand name for quality can hit great results.


Firstly, HPS is launching its pre-school in Avanti Nagar, Basheerbagh and is ready to open over 20 schools in various areas in the City. Now, HPS is calling for able and enthusiastic people for franchises. A bombarding combo of ably-guiding support regarding child-centric teaching curriculum, infrastructure, best trainers and educationists along with the top-notch corporate sales of HPS, offers huge potential for growth and success to the Franchisees when compared to other service providers.HPS is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing brands of preschool in India.

With an intention to grow internationally, in Preschool vertical the Franchise Management System of HPS is supposed to create ripples in whole Preschool industry. The revenue sharing model of HPS is fabricated very finely where the franchise owner is benefitted largely. It not only ensures security of franchisee but also enables to crave the best out of the business.
HPS Franchise will truly be a golden opportunity for individuals with a mindset of basic business and compliance to endow in world-class education with responsibility, and moreover fervor to work with kids.

Why HPS Franchise?

One can find innumerable best reasons to take up franchise of HPS kids, as the growth, respect and satisfaction it gives in carrying out a progressively developing & socially responsible project. Some of those reasons include:

  • HPS provides the franchisees with complete guidance and solutions right from selection of the area, infrastructure to management and promotions of the pre-school.
  • Layout designs for the interior architecture and infrastructure or furniture are provided.
  • Special themes for the interior rooms & play-area are also suggested, creating a perfect ambience for a pre-school.
  • The unique Franchise System Management of HPS offers complete support.
  •  Finely fabricated Revenue Sharing Model, where the Franchisee is largely benefitted.
  • Psychological counseling support is arranged as an USP.
  • Concept of teaching and international-standard curriculum uniquely designed for HPS kids is provided, that too on day-wise basis, making the curriculum user-friendly.
  • Periodic training workshops for teachers are organized to train them up-to-date with the emerging or changing concepts in teaching.
  • Extensive marketing and promotion is ensured by providing assistance in organizing events etc.
  • All this above support is offered without any extra cost to the franchise.

Requirements for Franchise

  • About 15-20 lakhs of initial investment
  • Around 2000 sq.ft., carpet area
  • Smart marketing expertise
  • Able to work together with the reputed brand for mutual benefit.

Parent Speak

They are always looking for more innovative and creative ideas to make Hyderabad Public School truly special place for children. HPS provides an enriching environment filled with warmth and love for the children to explore, experiment, play and self- discover. Read More


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