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  • Children are world’s most valuable resources & its best hope for the future. They are like wet cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression. Let us give them amazing opportunities to learn good things that make everlasting impressions.

  • Every child is a miniature adult with different strengths & needs. We see them as leaders who will take the world forward into a brighter tomorrow. We aim to support & inspire them to realize their true potential.

  • Every young mind is an assemblage of thoughts. Every child is special & is born with the gift of individuality. We realize their dreams. The child’s journey to an effective world is only by proper foundation at schooling.

  • A seed has nothing of its own; neither the wind & water nor the sunshine & soul. It only has a potential to blossom. Same is the case with kids. Motivation, moral support & ideal environment altogether give their potential an impulse.

The Dawn of a New Era

Every young mind is an assemblage of thoughts. Every child is special & is born with the gift of uniqueness. We, at HPS, believe that child’s expedition to an effective world is only by right foundation at schooling. Our core competency lies in identifying the talent, encouraging it and sculpting the child’s future accordingly, giving them complete support to grow enormously to great heights. HPS is passionate about imparting education that is innovative, refreshing, analytical and success oriented too.


Our Aim

To bring a remarkable change in pre-school scenario providing students an exciting learning environment focused on discovering the inherent potential of kids, kindling the fire of learning and cultivate a culture of innovation making them educationally & socially flourishing.



Going by our philosophy, we provide adequate opportunities for children putting them through a series of activities that provides opportunities to sharpen their minds & make learning all the more enjoyable.


News & Events

At HPS focus on multi-skill training, identifying best interest of the kid, creativity & innovation, enriching of motivational climate is what we create on campus. HPS is an address for an environment that is filled with joyful echoes of the kids where showcase of talent happens. We make every moment special, every occasion beautiful and every festival a glorious one.



“Education with a difference” where “learning is joy” is the concept of HPS kids. Established to cater the needs of young wards of Play School, Nursery, LKG & UKG, at HPS, our mantra is “child-centric”. Every activity would have a greater learning objective attached to it intricately.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

The Timbre of HPS

  • ‘Student-centric’ curriculum
  • Uniquely-designed classrooms
  • Play-way method of teaching
  • Enhanced personal attention
  • Language labs for communication skills
  • Specially trained faculty

Chairman's message

“Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.”
I’m happy to state that at HPS, we are making every effort in providing opportunities to create an engrossing environment to empower all learners. With years of research on education systems, experience in handling the best schools we designed a curriculum, ably-supported by best infrastructure and human talent that adhere to exacting standards of excellence. I take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues and parents who entrusted us with a divine responsibility to turn kids into emeralds.

Parent Speak

They are always looking for more innovative and creative ideas to make Hyderabad Public School truly special place for children. HPS provides an enriching environment filled with warmth and love for the children to explore, experiment, play and self- discover. Read More


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